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The Center Believes

Sport is drastically underutilized as an intentional strategy to support healing, build resilience, and address issues of systemic injustice. The Center for Healing and Justice through Sport (CHJS) was created to do just that.

Sport is uniquely situated to help kids heal and thrive.
In order to see the power of sport in action, we must redesign the delivery of all youth sports, everywhere, using the knowledge and research from experts to maximize its inherent developmental and healing qualities.

A healing sports system only works when there is a just society around it.
We must work inside and outside the sports system to change societal conditions that prevent kids, families, and communities from accessing and participating in high-quality, healing sports.


Sport has the ability to help young people heal from trauma and build resilience.


Through the power of neuroscience and the inherent nature of sport, we can change people’s relationship to their trauma and contribute to a healthier and more just society.


Building individual resilience to stress in athletes cannot be successful without also truly addressing systemic racism, inequity, and miscarriages of justice.


The work starts with us.

Chris Reed Lead Consultant and Trainer

Victor Johnson Lead Consultant

Armond Richards Trainer


Jillian Green Loughran Director of Strategic Initiatives

Claire Perry Director of Communications

Kate Thomas Lead Consultant

Lauren Kinderknecht Operations and Evaluation Consultant

Cooper Thompson Trainer

Amy Mummery Trainer

Christine Bright Lead Consultant and Trainer

Adrienne Moore Director of Movement Building

Pharlone Toussaint Director of External Affairs

Anthony Andino Lead Consultant and Trainer

Pardeice McGoy Trainer

Megan Bartlett Founder

Erin Stevenson Grant Writer

Myra Sack Project Director of E-Motion

David Flynn Co-Founder and Executive Director