We Coach stands with the Black Community against all acts of racism, police brutality, hatred and prejudice.

Our work focuses on supporting coaches and young people, primarily those from marginalized communities. Because we know that no intervention is effective without understanding the trauma inflicted by structurally racist and oppressive systems, our approach is, and has always been, anti-racist, anti-oppressive, culturally reflective and rooted in an understanding of the way that trauma impacts our brains, our bodies and our behavior. This trauma lies deep behind the anger, frustration, and pain evident in the events of the past few days.

We will continue to use our position to uplift the voices in our community and use whatever privilege and power we have to clear the way for Black leadership. As a white-owned company, we commit to continually working to improve the ways that we listen to, learn from, and support the Black Community. The status quo is not what we want for our children or any child. We want a just, equitable future and believe that sport can, and must, be used as a healing tool to help us get there.