Systems Change at CHJS

Check what CHJS Systems Change work looked like in 2023.

CHJS Systems Change works to develop narratives about what an equitable and healing youth sports field looks like and supports collective action efforts in the youth sports space nationally and locally. 2023 was a big year for CHJS Systems Change and the two main projects we support: the Coalitions for Sport Equity and the SBYD Funder Collaborative. 

Coalitions for Sport Equity: Coalitions for Sport Equity is a group of city and region-based collectives representing sport, physical activity, and play-based organizations in communities nationwide. In 2023, the group had its first ever in-person convening and discussed ways to evaluate the impact of coalitions on the local and national youth sports field. The group is undertaking a project to review the impact and be able to tell a clear story about how coalitions create impact and help provide a roadmap for more communities to build local organizing efforts

This group meets monthly. CHJS Serves as a backbone facilitator and fiscal sponsor. Learn more at!

CSEq at Project Play

SBYD Funder Collaborative: More than 20 national and local funders alongside professional sports teams continued to convene this year to learn and pursue collective action. Topics discussed included: equitable funding strategies, the challenges and benefits of unrestricted funding, and funding intermediaries and coalitions. Next year this group will continue to meet quarterly and create additional learning opportunities with affinity groups, as well as pursue collective impact through an action team focused specifically on how to increase funding in the field.

Want to learn more and get involved? Email our Director of Systems Change, Adrienne Moore.