1. Coalitions for sport equaulity

Coalitions for Sport Equity is a group of city and region-based collectives representing sport, physical activity, and play-based organizations in communities nationwide. CHJS Serves as a backbone facilitator and fiscal sponsor. This group meets monthly.  Learn more at!
Current members:



2. Sports Based Youth Development Funder’s Collaborative

The SBYD Funder’s Collab is a group of funders who are invested in working together to make a significant impact in shifting the youth sports space towards safe, healing-centered practices.

As youth sports begin to recover from the damages caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, now is the moment to unite stakeholders that share a belief that all kids deserve access to healing-centered sports programs that help them develop as athletes and as humans. We need to work collectively to overhaul harmful youth sport systems and build new systems so that all sports are healing, not harmful.

Members are a combination of local foundations, national brands, and professional sports teams.

This group meets every six weeks.