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CHJS offers practical solutions and resources for coaches and sports programs to ensure their athletes, students, or participants are getting the most out of their sport experience.

Trainings are ideal for coaches, program staff, and entire organizations and teams. We tailor trainings to the needs of the program – we can facilitate content over the interwebs and/or in-person. Some trainings are 90-minutes while others span over a year. All are dynamic and interactive and focus on one or a hybrid of the following core content areas:


Sport is a powerful tool for positive youth development. In order to ensure that all young people gain the benefits of participation in sports, it's essential that programs create environments that prioritize skill development, meaningful relationships, and a positive and inclusive team culture.


People who experience overwhelming stress, or trauma, have unique challenges that often aren't recognized within the sport experience. It is imperative that all sports coaches and sports program leaders understand the ways in which exposure to trauma can change a person's brain and impact their behavior. Sport is uniquely suited to help people who have experienced trauma to heal, because it inherently combines physical activity, relationships, structure, and competence building.


Girls participate in sport at lower rates than boys at all ages, but it is not because they don't enjoy the key components of sport: being competitive, feeling athletic, reaching goals, and building a team. The reality is that girls have extra challenges to overcome when it comes to staying in the game. Girls need the physical, mental, academic, and social benefits that sport participation has been shown to give, so programs need to do all they can to help girls stay involved.