The Agenda To Transform Youth Sports

Sport is uniquely situated to help kids heal and thrive.
We must redesign the delivery of all youth sports, everywhere, to maximize sports’ inherent developmental and healing qualities.

A healing sports system only works when there is a just society around it.
We must work inside and outside the sports system to change the conditions that prevent kids, families, and communities from accessing and participating in high-quality, healing sports.

All sport must be healing sport.
Sport influences society, society influences sport – act accordingly.
Follow community lead, increase community power.
Hold us accountable.

4 Calls to Action:

1. Hold ourselves – coaches, programs and organizations – accountable for healing not harming.
– Develop and deliver training and consulting services that center healing and access for youth traditionally furthest from resources.
– Create a universal system of accountability for youth sports by advocating for local and federal government oversight of youth sports..
– Develop program standards and accreditation
– Develop coach professional standards and certification.

2. Organize at a local level.
– Inform and incubate community-led organizing efforts.
– Participate in local and national coalitions
– CHJS Youth Organizing Fellowship

3. Modernize funding mechanisms so that investment matches potential impact.
– Partner with and educate public and private funders.

4. Call out and dismantle harmful and exclusionary power structures.
– Support and inform local and federal policy that impact access and equity (land use agreements, public funding priorities, etc).
– Speak out and organize against policies that create or increase barriers to access and participation in sport.