Engagement Summary

Since 2018, CHJS has worked with Nike to grow the Nike Community Ambassador (NCA) program, which allows Nike employees to make a positive impact in their own communities through sport-based volunteering with kids.

After receiving training from CHJS on best practices in positive coaching, trauma-informed sports, and engaging with girls in sports. Nike employees share their love of sport with their communities, get kids playing and moving, and inspire them to be active for life.

Engagement Components

The CHJS and NCA has included:
• Creating and delivering yearly 2-cay regional summits in five cities (Boston, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Dallas and Chicago) curing which community ambassadors learn the fundamentals of positive coaching, creating trauma-informed sport spaces, and recruiting and retaining girls in sports
• Convening a Global Training Advisory Group to enable delivery partners around the world to train like employees in 15 countries around the world- say more about WC role in this
• Working with like to embed Nike Community Ambassador training content into like Direct leadership development programs

"The second day was full of movement, great information and fun activities. The group really seemed to bond and get to know each other, and the information I learned changed the way I communicate with children AND adults"