Pushing The Boundaries Of Youth Sports

Announcing The Center For Healing and Justice Through Sport COVID relief training program in partnership with Laureus USA, alongside the Jr. NBA.

On the second day of launch week, we will host an interactive session with our partner, Laureus USA to announce a special opportunity for coaches, youth development professionals, and other related practitioners to participate in our premier training series. The pandemic has changed our world in monumental ways; for young people, many of whom are already exposed to trauma, the uncertainty and fear of the COVID-19 outbreak and unrelenting stress of systemic oppression against the Black community and other intentionally neglected demographics make the need for joy and movement urgent! The need for coaches who can facilitate sport in a way that creates safety and encourages necessary open dialogue about the challenges our communities face is even more urgent. During this activation, we will engage the audience to collectively define what healing-centered coaching is and is NOT. Participants will leave the session with a shared understanding of why coaches are on the front lines of healing through this pandemic and resources to support them in implementing an effective approach.