Losing Seasons: Coping with Canceled Youth Sports & Activities

How will we continue to keep our youth active and healthy during the pandemic? Many sports have had to take a time-out due to COVID-19. Indoor activities have been canceled, and, pandemic or not, the weather doesn’t always permit us to enjoy being physically active outdoors. The cancellation or delay of sports seasons has also had long-term impacts on the futures and identities of youth and young adults.

So, as parents and caregivers, how do we keep our children active, healthy, and strong, while helping them (and us) mourn the loss of the activities that help them thrive?

Guest experts Dr. Daheia Barr-Anderson, Christine Pinalto from Sidelined USA, and Megan Bartlett from We Coach joined us to discuss how to help our children cope physically and mentally so that everyone “wins.”

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