Ten Inclusive Coaching Principles

Proven Coaching Strategies for Building Inclusive Youth Sports Environments

200214 asw20 b&gclub usab coach clinics 7719 (1)Inclusive sports environments are not just a nice-to-have, but a necessity for the wellbeing of our athletes. As we celebrate Pride this June, let’s seize the moment to shine a spotlight on the vital importance of crafting healing-centered spaces for all youth, with a particular focus on uplifting and empowering our LGBTQIA+ athletes.

At CHJS, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you, unwavering in our commitment to co-create these transformative spaces where every athlete can thrive. Together, we have the power to build a sports world that doesn’t just accept diversity, but actively celebrates and nurtures it.

Let’s make ensure that every playing field is a place of belonging, healing, and unlimited potential for all.

For resources on how to create truly healing-centered spaces, check out the Nothing Heals Like Sport playbook and these ten inclusive coaching principles.

Questions? Want more on how to create inclusive youth sport environments? Reach out to Anthony, our Director of Training.

Utilize these coaching tips to create the most inclusive youth sports space for your athletes.