LISTEN: Nike’s No Off-Season Podcast, Featuring Megan Bartlett

LISTEN: Nike’s No Off-Season Podcast, Featuring CHJS Founder Megan Bartlett

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Who’s that? Yes – that’s our Founder, Megan Bartlett along with Olympic athletes and individuals who are changing the sports system for good.

Tune in to Nike’s podcast, No Off-Season, and listen as our inimitable co-founder, Megan Bartlett chats with Dr. Shairi Turner, Crisis Textline Chief Medical Officer about redefining coaching development through trauma-informed, healing-centered training for young people.

At CHJS, we are equipping coaches to build relationships, create safe spaces, and deliver healing-centered experiences to help all young people thrive, while building stronger, healthier and more equitable communities through sport.

Click here to listen.