CWB: The LeBron Model

May 29, 2024 -In this thought-provoking episode, Chris and Anthony introduce “The Lebron Model” a concept that explores how to support and nurture rising young athletes both on and off the court. Set in a (too) lively, greenhouse-like atmosphere, the hosts dive into the pressing need for increased regulation around Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) deals and the importance of having honest conversations with families about opportunities that may appear too good to be true.

The discussion also sheds light on the innovative and compassionate ways in which LeBron James has advocated for his inner circle. From supporting his friends’ educational and professional pursuits to uplifting his community through the groundbreaking I Promise School, LeBron’s actions serve as a powerful example of how elite athletes can use their influence to create positive change. Join Chris and Anthony as they examine the complex world of athlete development and the far-reaching impact of LeBron’s unique approach to success and community building.

PS. Re greenhouse, this was one of the first episodes we recorded and as such (on the 

YouTube version), you’ll see an incredible amount of plants in the background. After recording this and one more episode, we’ve since removed some greenery. Please excuse our indulgence.


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Hosts: Chris Reed, Anthony Andino, and Armond Richards 

Set Design: Art + Contraptions

Director + Editing + Music: Dan Epand and C+D Productions

Producer: Team CHJS

Nothing heals like sport.