CWB: Regulation

May 1, 2024 – Armond takes the reigns in this fourth episode of Coaching While Black, talking about the need for more brain-based education for coaches and, eh hem…all grown ups. The guys talk about regulation as one of the great mental health tools coaches need to practice in order to get the best out of their young people and athletes. Listen to the guys hang out and discuss regulation and other important topics like girls and women in sports, play equity, and more. 

Remember this – “A dysregulated adult cannot regulate a dysregulated child.” – Dr. Bruce Perry.


Coaching While Black is a podcast of the Center for Healing and Justice through Sport at You can also listen and watch the episodes on our YouTube @chjsorg. Follow the hosts Chris Reed @h0pedealer and @anthonyandino. Our friend Armond is not on social 🙂


Hosts: Chris Reed, Anthony Andino, and Armond Richards 

Set Design: Art + Contraptions

Director + Editing + Music: Dan Epand and C+D Productions

Producer: Team CHJS

Nothing heals like sport.