CWB: Community Needs with Coach LA

May 25, 2024 -In this CWB episode, hosts are joined by a special guest, Coach L.A., a prominent community coach and leader from Inglewood, Los Angeles. They delve into the rising popularity of sports in the LA area and its impact on local communities. Coach LA shares her unique experiences and insights on how she has been supporting her community through the power of sports, including through her own program, Pass it Forward Foundation. As major sports teams and concert venues continue to move into her neighborhood, she emphasizes the crucial need for the community’s voice to be heard and considered in the face of these changes. Join us for an engaging discussion on the intersection of sports, community development, and the importance of grassroots leadership in shaping the future of our neighborhoods.


Coaching While Black is a podcast of the Center for Healing and Justice through Sport at You can also listen and watch the episodes on our YouTube @chjsorg. Follow the hosts Chris Reed @h0pedealer and @anthonyandino. Our friend Armond is not on social 🙂


Hosts: Chris Reed, Anthony Andino, and Armond Richards 

Set Design: Art + Contraptions

Director + Editing + Music: Dan Epand and C+D Productions

Producer: Team CHJS

Nothing heals like sport.