Staff Spotlight: Sam Perry

Sam Perry – CHJS Social Media Manager

Meet Sam who’s interning as our Social Media Manager while earning his Journalism degree at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Where are you from/where did you grow up?

I am from Perkasie, Pennsylvania. I like to say Philly…but I am surrounded by horses so I may be extending the Philly boundaries. I am now a rising junior at UNC Chapel Hill!

What sports do you play?

I’m a coxswain on the Men’s Rowing Team at UNC. Also, recently I have become a self called “pro pickleballer”

What city has the best sport vibe? Why?

Come on now, that’s not even a question. Philadelphia by far. The passion is unmatched. Go birds.

As great as sport is, what do you wish would change?

I wish there was more focus on team culture and relationships. Some of my best memories at UNC are with my rowing team but off of the water. My coach told us on the first day that, “the people surrounding you will be at your wedding.” I laughed at the time, but now I know they will without a doubt be there. A lot of that is because of the focus our coach puts on bonding at the beginning. I wish more teams focused also on the TEAM rather than just the competition, because, especially in rowing, without connection, there is no competitive success.

What do you wish all coaches knew?

Athletes are more than just athletes. They’re human. Each of us is participating in the sport, but our identities are so much more than that. By having crucial conversations with athletes and striving to create connections, a coach and an athlete can have a bond that shapes the athlete for success even outside the sport.

What goals do you have for CHJS?

ONE BILLION FOLLOWERS. May be (definitely) is a little drastic but my largest goal is sharing the incredible work of CHJS. The people I have talked to and events that occurred over the past year are nothing short of incredible so I hope to get our outreach as far as possible so others can see!

Are there any events or training you want people to know about and attend?

LITERALLY EVERYTHING CHJS IS DOING IS SO COOL. SO ALL OF IT. Stay in the know by following us on all socials (IG, LinkedIn, Facebook, Threads, etc. Who knows, maybe TikTok soon, too). @chjsorg

Any fun facts you want to share?

I am a triplet! If I could be anything, I would be Spiderman. I am Dr Pepper’s number one fan 

Want to host a collab IG post? Creatively capture our partnership? Help us reach his goal of ONE BILLION FOLLOWERS? Follow us at @chjsorg. And reach out to Sam.