Staff Spotlight: Anthony Andino

Anthony Andino – CHJS Director of Training

Meet our new Director of Training, Anthony Andino. Anthony has supported CHJS work for over a decade, and is now a full-time CHJS team member. We could not be more excited to welcome Anthony to CHJS. Want to learn more about CHJS healing-centered sport training? Reach out to Anthony,


Where are you from/where did you grow up?

I was born in the East New York neighborhood of Brooklyn in New York City, but I spent the better part of my childhood in the Lower East Side of New York with my mom and brothers.


Anthony Andino, photographed by Mike Ojo
Anthony Andino, photographed by Mike Ojo

What sports do you play?

Growing up I played everything but the sport that I loved the most was basketball. It gave me a great outlet and a way to make friends at the same time.


As great as sport is, what do you wish could change?

The one thing I would change is the lack of grace coaches give their athletes. It’s ok to hold your players to a higher standard because we all see winning as the desirable outcome. It’s not ok to lack compassion when we don’t reach our goals, because their was a lot that went into the preparation of making it to the moment. When we don’t acknowledge is that we lose out on so many teachable moments.


What do you wish all coaches knew?

That every kid is showing up as the version of themselves that they have become to keep them safe as they navigate the world they live in. Sometimes the behavior you see isn’t a result of anything you’ve done but the context of what their life experience has showed them is appropriate in that situation.


You were recently named CHJS Director of Training (congrats, sir.) What is the role and what makes you most excited for the position?

In this new position, my focus will be on maintaining our world class facilitation process and developing new trainers. I hope to ensure that as we expand the quality of our work is never diminished as well as the quality of the human beings we bring into the CHJS family. I’m most excited to step into new spaces and work to continue to build content and a staff that is representative of the people we serve, as is evident in the work we do today.


Are there any events or training you want people to know about and attend?

Please look out for our free RFP trainings as we would love to have as many new faces and like minds join the healing-centered sports movement. Also, tune into our podcast Coaching While Black. We just wrapped ten episodes (this time with video) and will drop them all on our new YouTube channel. Make sure to subscribe now so you don’t miss us. 


Any fun facts you want to share?

Working into shape to run a 5K in New York sometime next year so be on the lookout. If anyone wants to join let’s make a thing out of it and together. I might need that positive boost when my legs start to give out.


Want to join Anthony in training for a 5k? And/or want to learn more about CHJS healing-centered sport training? Reach out to Anthony,