Regulation on the Pitch

CHJS and KSC's Game Plan for Healing through Soccer

June, 2024 — As the 2024 Phillies’ rare losing streak mirrored the city’s collective mood, our CHJS team decided to kick things up a notch—literally. We teamed up with Kensington Soccer Club for a healing-centered soccer session that would make even the most jaded sports fan crack a smile.

Christine Bright, our resident CHJS soccer guru, crafted a session that zeroed in on the moments that make or break a game. “We could’ve focused

on fancy footwork or the perfect corner kick,” Christine mused, “but after chatting with other CHJS futbol gurus, we zeroed in on the real nail-biters: those sweaty-palmed moments at kickoff, the emotional rollercoaster of scoring (or not), and those tense tête-à-têtes with the refs.”

The session revealed a game-changing insight: regulation isn’t just for clocks and thermostats. It turns out that teammates, refs, and even those oft-overlooked linesmen can play a crucial role in co-regulation, transforming the pitch into a veritable oasis of healing.

Kensington Soccer Club isn’t just about the game—they’re a key player in Philadelphia’s youth development scene. Offering a mix of healthy activities, positive environments, enrichment programs, and job opportunities, KSC has been making waves in the community. And their coaches? They’re already ahead of the curve.

The workshop drew a crowd of over twenty coaches. Adding to the mix was support from the Philadelphia Youth Sports Collaborative (PYSC), the city’s leader of the youth sports development movement.

Dontae Privette, PYSC’s director of community engagement, shared his enthusiasm:

“Everyone who left the training was highly energized and ready to draw brain stems and prefrontal cortexes all over the walls. My aha moment was watching the team dive into a conversation about cultural differences. Hearing everyone’s perspectives provided me with meaningful insights into the challenges our community faces, reinforcing the importance of advocacy in addressing these issues.”

A heartfelt thanks to the KSC and PYSC teams for being such good sports.

Looking for sport-specific, healing-centered support for your squad? Link up with Jillian Green Loughran, our director of strategic initiatives.