The Parmenter Foundation funds the newest CHJS Program: E-Motion

The Parmenter Foundation, a Boston-based charitable organization providing hope and support for community members grieving or in need of compassionate end-of-life care, has awarded The Center for Healing and Justice through Sport with a grant to support the movement-based, grief program, E-Motion.

E-Motion, rooted from the founding voice HaviGear, is a unique and powerful initiative founded by Myra Sack. Myra developed E-Motion to support sports teams and/or individual team members through life losses by integrating movement, community, and ritual. The Parmenter funding extends CHJS’ work to include bereavement support services through sport and will provide three youth-serving organizations with E-Motion’s movement-based, grief curriculum and training to equip programs to integrate essential grief work into their day-to-day programs.

Myra is trained as a Certified Compassionate Bereavement Care facilitator with a focus on the beauty and pain that can be found in loss and the power of community to sustain and uplift those who are suffering. “It is a tragic privilege to partner with the Parmenter Foundation to bring this [E-Motion] work into the world. HaviGear is inspired by my daughter’s life and death, and it is about an insistence on showing up for each other in both catastrophic times and mundane ones,” says Sack. “Havi never walked a single step so the power of movement is particularly real for me.” 

Parmenter is known for exclusively funding high-quality programs that have a meaningful impact on communities navigating the challenging end-of-life and/or grieving process. We are honored to be amongst the organizations they are funding and are proud to be on the cutting edge of using sport as a tool for healing. To learn more about Myra, HaviGear and program E-Motion, check out:






About HaviGear

HaviGear is the founding voice and way of being in the world, inspired by the life and passing of Havi Lev Goldstein. When we are in HaviGear, we are stretching our limits. HaviGear nudges us to pay attention to the things that matter, and, most importantly, the people who matter. HaviGear coaxes us to engage and connect with people present in our lives earnestly and to remember and lift those we can’t see. HaviGear spurs us to value the way our bodies move us and soothe us. It coaches us to prize natural beauty. It compels us to laugh hard and cry hard, too. HaviGear is about living with fullness and thoughtfulness. When we live in HaviGear–when we stretch and connect–our intentions make the world a better place. 


About Parmenter 

The Parmenter Foundation provides hope and support for MetroWest community members of all ages who need compassionate end-of-life care or bereavement support. We award grant funding to nonprofit organizations that deliver high-quality programs within our focus areas, and we develop and offer inspirational and educational resources to help our neighbors navigate through the challenging grief process. The Parmenter Foundation is committed to helping families cope, heal and build resilience. To learn more, visit: