CHJS x Nike:

Intro to Healing - Centered Sport


Nike is teaming up with CHJS to introduce healing-centered sport and the coaching techniques that bring it to life in engaging and informative sessions.  Learn more in a 60minute workshop or build upon the foundation you have in a more in-depth 90-minute coach training sessions. Now is your chance to join the healing-centered sport movement and start making an impact in your community.   



Being on a team allows young people the opportunity to be physically fit, learn to work with teammates, and practice important life skills like decision-making and bouncing back from failure.  But did you also know that, when sport is done right, it can help kids manage stress, fight anxiety and depression, and help us heal from trauma?  

This 60-minute workshop will help everyone  coaches, volunteers, parents, and athletes  understand why and how sport can heal.  Participants will walk away with tangible examples to help them identify healing-centered sport environments and practical coaching strategies to create more spaces where sport can heal.

Thursday, October 7 – 9am-10am PST / 12pm-1pm EST 
Tuesday, October 12 – 1pm-2pm PST / 4pm-5pm EST 
Thursday, October 14 – 8am-9am PST / 11am-12pm EST

Coach Trainings

Ready to change your approach to coaching so that every sport experience is a healing sport experience?  If so, this training is for you. Coaches will have the opportunity to  engage with their peers and learn new strategies to make small changes that will have a positive impact on the experience of their athletes.

This 90-minute session will cover the basic science of how sport can heals and provide coaches with practical strategies that leverage the resilience-building power of positive relationships, physical activity, and manageable challenges.  

Tuesday, October 19 – 9am-10:30am PST / 12pm-1:30pm EST 
Thursday, October 21 – 1pm-2:30pm PST / 4-5:30pm EST