Million Coaches Challenge!

APPLICATION OPEN for Free Coach Training



Million Coaches Challenge: APPLICATION OPEN for Free Coach Training

At The Center for Healing and Justice through Sport, we believe that, if done correctly, sport has the power to change the world. For too many young people, their daily lives are impacted by overwhelmingly stressful circumstances, like major poverty, food insecurity, homelessness, and community violence.

Rates of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), exposure to abuse, neglect or household dysfunction, are nearly universal in high-crime, low-income neighborhoods. The events of the last few years – the immediate and long-term impact of a global pandemic as well as the renewed reckoning around our country’s dark history of racial injustice – only add to the host of things many young people regularly face. The epidemic of trauma threatens both the physical and mental health outcomes of youth.

At the CHJS, we want to ensure that all organizations, coaches, mentors, providers, and parents have access to training that equips them to deal with these issues. Therefore, as part of the Susan Crowne Exchange Million Coaches Challenge, CHJS will be providing FREE, virtual coach trainings.

Our intention is to make this application process accessible to all organizations and individuals. Members of our team are here to support with any and all questions along the way.

If need assistance, PLEASE REACH OUT to our Jillian Green Loughran,, for assistance. This initiative was developed with smaller, less-established organizations and interested individuals in mind, and we do not want the process to deter you from applying. 




Training Offerings: 

Each awardee will receive all of the following training offerings. All sessions will be facilitated over zoom per region.

  • Sports-Based Youth Development (SBYD) 101: This session explores how coaches can create environments that prioritize skill development, meaningful relationships, and a positive and inclusive team culture.
  • SBYD 201: This session will dive deeper into how sport drives social-emotional learning (SEL) and growth. 
  • How Sport Can Heal 101: This interactive session enables coaches and program leadership to explore core concepts of trauma-informed care and develop a deep, applicable understanding of the ways in which sport is uniquely suited to heal. 
  • How Sport Can Heal 201: This session focuses on tangible strategies that coaches can use to help youth build resilience and heal.


Application Process & Timeline:

STEP 1: The application process begins by submitting a Request for Training

STEP 2: Jillian Green Loughran, CHJS’ Director of Strategic Initiatives, will follow up with award notices.

STEP 3: (if selected) Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will be reviewed and completed by grantee.

STEP 4: Regional CHJS representative will communicate when trainings will be presented.

STEP 5: Grantees attend region-specific trainings at predetermined dates and times.

STEP 6: Grantees complete training feedback and post survey forms.



Thursday, October 6, 2022 – Request for Training application opens!

Tuesday, October 18, 2022 – 3:00p-4:00p EST  Informational Webinar

Monday, November 7, 2022 Request for Training application closes.

Monday, November 28, 2022 – Grantee awards through MOU

Friday, December 9, 2022 – MOUs due

Monday, January 9, 2023 – Regional and international trainings commence

  • January: SBYD 101
  • February: SBYD 201
  • March: Healing-Centered Coaching 101
  • April: Healing-Centered Coaching 201
  • May: Follow up discussions per program/individual

Friday, May 26, 2023 – Regional and international trainings completed


About the The Susan Crowne Exchange and The Million Coaches Challenge

The Susan Crown Exchange (SCE) works to prepare youth to thrive in a rapidly changing world. SCE prioritizes initiatives that promote social and emotional learning (SEL), explore the relationships between technology and society, and build critical skills through youth sports. What unites all of SCE’s partners is their commitment to creating opportunities for young people.

Through its Exchange Philosophy, SCE strives to undo the power dynamics of traditional grantmaking relationships. SCE provides avenues for mutual dialogue and learning alongside financial support in order to elevate their partners’ outstanding work.

It’s time to broaden the definition of a good coach to include youth development and social and emotional learning. Through this Challenge, we seek to support efforts that train coaches on the skills they need to support kids on and off the field. By training one million coaches in youth development over the next five years, we can ensure that millions of young athletes learn how to work together, celebrate success, manage failure, and build healthy relationships with their peers. Along the way, we hope our collective efforts will catalyze a culture change across the youth sports landscape.


About The Center for Healing and Justice Through Sport

The Center for Healing and Justice through Sport’s (CHJS) mission is to make sport healing for all youth, everywhere, through training, consulting, and movement building. At CHJS, we believe that underneath the fun and camaraderie, sport can be used as a vehicle to provide creative and accessible solutions to some of society’s biggest issues.

With millions of U.S. youth living through trauma due to a variety of factors, it has become clear that there’s work to be done to ensure athletes are prepared to win on the field of play and in life. Sport is uniquely situated to help kids heal and thrive. Healing isn’t just for the wealthy or privileged; it is a right for all. 

We seek to redesign the delivery of all youth sports, everywhere, to maximize sports’ inherent developmental and healing qualities.