LA84 Play Equity Summit Recap

April 2024 —  CHJS’s busiest month (ever) capped off with appearances at the inspiring LA84 Foundation Play Equity Summit, which celebrated 40 years of work to create equitable access to sport and play for all young people. The summit featured notable speakers, including President and CEO of LA84 Foundation Renata Simril, Paralympian Candace Cable, as well as CHJS Founder Megan Bartlett and Executive Director, David Flynn.

A passionate gathering of over 500 attendees celebrated the monumental efforts towards creating equitable access to sports and play. David stood alongside experts in play equity, passionately advocating for genuine change through grassroots organizing. Meanwhile, Megan inspired attendees with the magic of healing-centered sports – a combo of love, movement, and dosed stress.

Megan Bartlett, founder of CHJS. Photo cred, Leroy Hamilton

The summit left all attendees inspired to persevere in their efforts, while acknowledging the crucial need for additional support to achieve genuine equity. This includes securing funding, implementing oversight measures, amplifying advocacy efforts, and driving transformative systemic changes.

The movement continues on June 28th when LA84 hosts their Day of Play. Check it out and continue to stay in the loop to help all of us build the healing-centered sport movement.

As CHJS celebrates mental health awareness month, make sure to check out our other resources like our Nothing Heals Like Sport playbook and the Coaching While Black podcast.

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