EdWeek – The Need for SEL in School Sports

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April 2024 —  April has been a busy month for CHJS, so much so we had to ask our college-aged social media manager ‘what’s the cool way to say ‘we’re busy. Like really busy.’ His response – CHJS takes over. #chjstakeover  So, kicking off the takeover, you can find CHJS founder Megan Bartlett quoted in this article in EdWeek discussing the powerful role social-emotional learning (SEL) has in sport.

Here’s a quick excerpt.

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Sports is a great place to practice social-emotional-learning skills, according to experts. Young people learn skills such as teamwork, sportsmanship, and resilience while playing sports.

“It’s happening in real time,” said Megan Bartlett, the founder of the national nonprofit Center for Healing and Justice Through Sport. “In a sports environment, you’re having real-life interactions with other people, you’re having stressful things happen that cause you to need to practice regulating your emotions.

“And you can get coaching on it in real time,” Bartlett added.

If a student-athlete feels like an opponent bumped into them too hard or doesn’t like what’s happening during the game, a coach can intervene and help the athlete regulate their emotions.

While those skills are often taught implicitly, students should also be taught SEL skills explicitly the same way sports-specific skills—such as how to pass a basketball or how to do a butterfly stroke—are taught, Lyons said.”

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