Coaching While Black is BACK!

Check out CWB Season Two trailer.

We’re back with season two of Coaching While Black, a podcast of the Center for Healing and Justice through Sport. Hosts Chris Reed, Armond Richards, and Anthony Andino discuss how sport can (and should) be leveraged to help our young people and athletes heal and perform on and off the field.

Armond and Anthony chat healing-centered sport

Over the ten audio and video episodes, we discuss topics like the importance of community building and regulation and take time to give flowers to the inspiring trailblazers creating the blueprint for healing-centered sport spaces.

You can access the Coaching While Black podcast two ways:

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  • Subscribe to Coaching While Black wherever you listen to your podcasts and LISTEN to the hosts chat about healing centered sport. This linktree provides access to all CHJS resources, as well as access to all the podcast platforms. Spotify? Yup. Apple, yes that, too. Google Podcasts? Didn’t know that existed but yes, it’s there. Click here to access CWB on all podcast platforms.

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