CHJS COVID Relief Training Program



The COVID Relief Training Program:

At The Center for Healing and Justice through Sport (CHJS) we believe that if done correctly sport has the power to change the world. We know that COVID has forced many organizations to put professional development on the back burner and allocate budgetary resources to keep their programs running. This joint initiative between CHJS and Laureus Sport for Good Foundation USA will provide training and data-collection tools at no cost. The goal of this initiative is to specifically target organizations for whom the normal cost of these services is prohibitive.

Selected organizations will have the opportunity to:

  • participate in CHJS’ core training sessions
  • utilize Hello Insight’s data-collection tools at no charge

Our intention is to make this application process accessible to all organizations. Members of our team are here to support with any and all questions along the way. If you are unfamiliar with applying for grants, PLEASE REACH OUT to for assistance. This initiative was developed with smaller, less-established organizations in mind, and we do not want the process to deter you from applying. 



We welcome proposals from a wide range of organizations.


Training Offerings:

SBYD 101 This session explores how coaches can create environments that prioritize skill development, meaningful relationships, and a positive and inclusive team culture.
SBYD 102 This session will dive deeper into how sport drives SEL growth. 
How Sport Can Heal 1 This interactive session enables coaches and program leadership to explore core concepts of trauma-informed care and develop a deep, applicable understanding of the ways in which sport is uniquely suited to heal. 
How Sport Can Heal 2 This session focuses on tangible strategies that coaches can use to help youth build resilience and heal.


Application Process & Timeline:

STEP 1: The application process begins by submitting an application .

STEP 2: Upon submission of application, you will receive a survey from Hello Insight. This must be completed by three (3) staff members for application to be considered.

STEP 3: A CHJS team member will follow up with a secondary application for completion.

STEP 4: (if selected) Schedule training with CHJS representative.



September 10th, 2021 – Application opens

September 15th, 2021 – 7:00pm-8:00pm EST Informational Webinar 

September 22nd, 2021 – 10:00am-11:00am EST Informational Webinar 

September 30th, 2021 – Deadline for Round 1 applications 

October 29th, 2021 – Deadline for completed Round 2 applications & Hello Insight Staff Surveys

November 19th, 2021 – Decisions made

Week of Dec 6th (tbd) 1:00-2:30pm EST –  Kick off Webinar

December 26th 2021 – Deadline to Schedule trainings

January 2021 – Trainings begin

April 30th, 2022 – Trainings completed


Additional Information:

  • Applicants and awardees will be working with a specific CHJS team member who will act as their regional point-of-contact.
  • CHJS will be hosting two informational webinars about this initiative. Applicants are not required to attend.



About Hello Insight

Hello Insight has a suite of research-based, data collection tools measuring positive youth development (PYD) practices and social-emotional learning (SEL) outcomes in young people. Applicants and participants in the CHJS COVID relief training program will have the opportunity to benefit from Hello Insight’s data and real-time reports in a few ways at no charge.

  • Round 2 applicants will be asked to participate in Hello Insight’s Staff Check-In survey as part of the application process. This needs assessment survey measures staff’s confidence in delivering key PYD practices that have been proven to drive SEL outcomes for youth. Every organization (with a minimum of three staff responses) will be given their results back. Your responses will NOT impact your eligibility or acceptance to the program. Regardless if you’re invited to participate in the trainings, the findings will provide insights into staff’s strengths and areas for further support. CHJS will use this data to ensure that training content is focused on the topics most relevant to participating organizations.
  • Organizations that are selected for the CHJS COVID relief training program and are able to attend at least three of the training offerings (SBYD 1 and 2 and at least one How Sport Can Heal session) will be asked to participate in Hello Insight’s Retrospective Staff survey. Every organization (with a minimum of three staff responses) will be given their results back, and the findings will give insights into participating staff’s growth and change while participating in the trainings, as well as opportunities for further learning/training.
  • Organizations that are selected for the CHJS COVID relief training program and are able to attend at least three of the training offerings (SBYD 1 and 2 and at least one How Sport Can Heal session) will be asked to participate in Hello Insight’s Youth Check-In Survey. The ultimate goal of these trainings is to ensure that all coaches have the tools they need to ensure that all youth have positive experiences in sport. This survey asks youth participants to provide feedback on their program experience, with a focus on the PYD experiences that have been shown to help young people grow in SEL outcomes. Every organization will be given their results back, providing data on their organization’s ability to build teams, engage authentically, manage goals, share power, challenge growth, expand interests, and promote peer bonds. These experiences have been shown to contribute to youth SEL outcomes, such as goal orientation, self-confidence, academic self-efficacy, positive identity, contribution, self-management, and social skills.


About The Center for Healing and Justice Through Sport:

The Center for Healing and Justice through Sport’s (CHJS) mission is to make sport healing for all youth, everywhere, through training, consulting, and movement building. At CHJS, we believe that underneath the fun and camaraderie, sport can be used as a vehicle to provide creative and accessible solutions to some of society’s biggest issues.

With millions of U.S. youth living through trauma due to a variety of factors, it has become clear that there’s work to be done to ensure athletes are prepared to win on the field of play and in life. Sport is uniquely situated to help kids heal and thrive. Healing isn’t just for the wealthy or privileged; it is a right for all. 

We seek to redesign the delivery of all youth sports, everywhere, to maximize sports’ inherent developmental and healing qualities.