SHIFT is a network of grassroots sports organizations who have come together around the common goal of deepening their local impact through regional and global connections. Our goal is to explore innovative ways of bringing organizations together to form meaningful relationships, develop their capacity and sustain their programs. The thread that ties us together is the belief in trauma-informed, healing-centered approaches to sport for development. Over time, we will establish an ecosystem of trainers, coaches and practitioners who are committed to this ethos and to supporting one anothers local objectives.


We believe in the power of people “doing the work” coming together to identify shared goals and collaboratively solve problems. SHIFT exists to facilitate a process that develops relationships, builds trust and establishes partnerships with and between grassroots organizations who are interested in and committed to the deepening of their programs’ impact. To do this, we create spaces for connection and learning while identifying themes within the group that SHIFT can support.


Youth Coaches Virtual Training Program

We want local program facilitators to inform us of our offerings. One way of learning from our members is through the SHIFT Youth Coaches Virtual Training Program. Through it will engage with coaches ages 18-30 to understand their needs as coaches and identify areas where the collective knowledge and expertise of SHIFT can support. This process will inform a 6 week virtual training program designed to provide youth coaches with the skills to support and the relationships to sustain their work. Our first SHIFT training cohort will run from September 4th – October 13th 2023

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Support

We leverage our growing network of M&E experts to provide direct support for organizations interested in expanding their knowledge of Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning. This includes sharing best practices around program development and design, data collection, database management and evaluation planning. We will also model best practices through a robust system of measurement for the SHIFT program, much of which current SHIFT members will inform.

Networking & Relationship Building

Our community is a space for folks using sport as a tool for development to connect, learn and grow with like minded practitioners. The global community consists of members from 15+ countries representing over 20 organizations. Through monthly meetings, action teams and one to one partnerships, we invest time and resources into facilitating the opportunity for meaningful relationships to form between folks with a shared purpose.



Please email Joe Smith at or drop us a Whatsapp at +1 301-974-5986