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“If we make coaches 5% more trauma informed, or developmentally sensitive, we will have more therapeutic impact on children than if we trained an entire new cohort of trauma therapists.”

Dr. Perry, Senior Fellow of The Child Trauma Academy and bestselling author with Oprah Winfrey of What Happened to You?: Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing



The Center for Healing and Justice through Sport has joined together with the field-leading work of The Neurosequential Network to offer the NM-Sport Certification, a 100 + hour, 12 module, self-paced training experience led by Dr. Bruce Perry, Steve Graner and CHJS founder Megan Bartlett.

NM-Sport Training Certification is typically accomplished over the course of one year, requires no travel (is all online), and participants become “master coaches” who are then able to support other coaches in the implementation of key coaching strategies. Participating means access to a cohort of creative, dedicated sports practitioners.

In application, NM-Sport can inform effectiveness in coaching, performing, training and a host of key skills needed for success in sport. The NM-Sport initiative explores these intersecting concepts. The goal is to integrate sport into the healthy therapeutic web of children, youth, and families, and to help individuals and programs involved in sport improve their effectiveness in providing healthy developmental experiences and improved performance. This groundbreaking work has deeply informed our work at CHJS, and we are committed to sharing this innovative tool to push the boundaries of youth sports.

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