August 19, 2021

CHJS Launch Tour

On the eve of the CHJS Launch week grand finale, we will be hosting a series of virtual events across the country to celebrate the launch of the center and announce The Agenda To Transform Youth Sports. We’ll kick off with an Opening Ceremony on Instagram Live and will continue to spotlight each city’s events to raise awareness on the deep and wide reach of CHJS’s networks.

In each city, a member of the CHJS team will invite various relevant stakeholders to participate in a virtual or in person event (based on local COVID-19 protocols and CDC guidelines) where these subject matter experts and allies will share their own perspectives on why the sector needs an agenda, why they believe in the power of sport to heal and how they hope the center will help them prove that in their work in their own communities. Throughout the day, we will bounce around to other cities via social media to raise awareness on the deep and wide reach of the center’s networks.

Milwaukee, WI

Los Angeles, CA

Rochester, MN


Chicago, IL

Seattle, WA

Philadelphia, PA