We Coach Made 2020 a Year to Remember!

With all of the unexpected challenges that 2020 brought, we wanted to send a note of gratitude to our amazing community. We are grateful to have been able to continue our work with partners, coalitions, and clients even if we greatly missed being in the same physical space. In 2020, we were able to host 60 training events (in-person and virtual) and work with 25 clients. Our biggest highlights of the year are:

In partnership with Nike, we were able to release a comprehensive guide to getting and keeping girls involved in sport. Based on a review of the research on girls in sport, an expert convening of practitioners and leaders in the field, and pilot testing of training materials with coaches working in the field, this guide translates research into practical tools and resources that coaches and programs can implement. We were also able to bring these resources to life through a series of trainings.

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Being in a room with other people and getting them moving, thinking, and discussing is our favorite, but our team embraced the challenge of bringing the We Coach vibe to the world of virtual trainings. We were able to adapt our style to meet the needs of 2020 and got some great feedback from our clients, like…

“Virtual was great. The team still created fun and engaging ways to participate despite being on Zoom.”
“Successfully pulled off playing the Thunderdome game on Zoom – well done!“
“The virtual training was great. Although in person is always amazing, the trainer did an incredible job of adapting it virtually.”

Although we prefer to get a bit hands-on with our trainings and experiences, being able to hold space virtually gave us an opportunity to expand our borders in terms of the international audiences that we may not have been able to reach initially, including:

  • Rolling out the Girls Toolkit (which is in 14 languages) for Nike partners across Europe and the Middle East, in South Africa, and in Japan, Korea, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Participation in our virtual Coaching Girls Series included coaches from all over the world, including Mexico and Costa Rica.
  • An introduction to NM Sport with Dr. Bruce Perry and the Neurosequential Network, Charis Mentoring and Kokoro Sport
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    In May, Megan Bartlett hosted a conversation with Dr. Bruce Perry, world-renowned trauma expert, discussing the unique healing power of sport. We broke down strategies that coaches can use to buffer the stress young people are feeling and make the case for why coaches and sport programs should be on the front lines of supporting young people through this crisis and into the future. Through this virtual event we were able to host over 300+ supporters of Sports Based Youth Development across the country to engage in this meaningful dialogue.

    Watch The Replay

    Since August, We Coach has hosted weekly We Coach Wednesday conversations on Instagram(@weallcoach) with friends and partners in the wide world of sports. With over 4500 views, the conversations ranged from heartfelt memories of coaches who served as ‘more than a coach,’ to personal stories of playing sports as the only girl in the community. Guests included friends from our Nike Community Ambassador family, recently graduated student athletes, collegiate coaches and SBYD and elite youth coaches. And even, a guest appearance from the entire McGoy family. 🙂 In a year of limited personal interaction, we’re grateful for the consistently genuine and thought-provoking WCW conversations.

    If you are interested or would like to recommend someone as we continue to provide and evolve our We Coach Wednesday platform, please make sure to reach out through social media (@WeAllCoach) or at team@weallcoach.com with WCW Guest in the subject line of the email.

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