LISTEN: Coaching While Black

Listen to the first five episodes of CWB.

CWB, a podcast of CHJS

Coaching While Black is hosted by CHJS trainers and Lead Consultants Chris Reed and Anthony Andino. Chris and Anthony discuss what’s healing and harmful within sports—specific to their perspective as expert African American coaches. Though spoken from the Black voice, these conversations set to inspire all coaches and parents in sport to create positive and safe environments for young people and athletes.

To kick off the multi-episode season, Chris and Anthony chat about inclusive coaching, trailblazers, and grief.

What does it mean to be an inclusive coach? Who are the trailblazers of Black excellence in sport who’ve paved the way for continued inspiration? And how do we face and handle inevitable grief?

Learn how the healing-centered sports approach can make sport a vehicle for systemic change. Contact us.

Nothing heals like sport.